Archiella of Sweden

Archiella of Sweden är ett designmärke baserat i Göteborg. Archiella of Sweden står för en utsökt kvalitet och överlägset hantverk. Deras kollektionen med unika inredningsobjekt och accessoarer har en stark identitet och en tidlös design. Designad i Sverige. Handgjorda i Italien. En ikon här för att stanna.

The Icon Pot is the result of exceptional craftsmanship. 

Ceramic pot is handcrafted by in-house artisans in their workshop in a small town in Italy. The production process which can take up to two months starts by sculpting by hand, produce a mould, into which ceramic is poured to produce the pot and then the final step of glazing each piece in fantastic colors. Our standard colors are white, sand, noir and a lovely green color in four different dimensions. Once a year new colors will be launched as limited editions.

Archiella collection leaves a great impact on earth. Naturally forest grown Indonesian rattan is used on every pot, cut into exact dimensions to fit every single item. Rattan is a very eco friendly product as it grows quickly, makes the rainforest live longer and converts CO 2 into clean air.

NOTE: Since all pots are craftsmanship throughout the process there may be some shade difference of one and the same color. The same with rattan which is a natural material with nuances in its appearance. That being said, there is nothing wrong with the pots if the pot or the cane has color changes.

Two gold buttons with engraved Archiella of Sweden are easy to open and close due to its elastic band. The rattan comes in two different weave designs to chose from : hexagon and square. Your Icon Pot will be delivered in a beautiful eco friendly green cotton pouch with pink tassels, same colors as logo sewn by a non-profit women's association in Borås, Sweden. 

An Icon, here to stay.